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24-Jul-2017 17:18

'Nunez's clip then shows the K9 biting the suspect, who is screaming in agony, while the officer unsuccessfully tries to get the animal off.

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The handcuffed man appears to have been in conversation with the police officer.(MFF, bi, 1st, beast) Abandoned Doggy Part 1 - by Prachi - I am Prachi, a 20-year-old young lady from Pune, India.I am sending you a story about something that really happened with a friend and me some months ago.The gang's leader eventually breaks Cindy and her fate is to be a whore for the gang.

(M F, rp, v, beast, hum) A Cheerleader's Duties - by Leah - Cheerleader Leah stays behind after practice to take care of the team mascots, a pair of Bengal tigers. (F-teen/beast, reluc, ws) A Day At The Zoo - by Anon - A slave must endure the punishment inflicted by her Master, which includes encounters with animals at the local zoo.

(MF, beast) A Boy And His Dog - by Drew - A short story about a boy's masturbation experiences with the family dog.

Tanto una radio que haya optado por crear su propio Top 40, como otra cuya apuesta pase por un target más adulto, deben ser consecuentes con su especialización y dirigirse en primer término a aquellos anunciantes cuyas campañas les supondrán un verdadero retorno de la inversión.… continue reading »

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Statistically, many of these women are more educated (speak more languages, hold advanced degrees) than women on American dating sites.… continue reading »

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In 2005, Chevrolet was relaunched in Europe, primarily selling vehicles built by GM Daewoo of South Korea with the tagline "Daewoo has grown up enough to become Chevrolet", a move rooted in General Motors' attempt to build a global brand around Chevrolet.… continue reading »

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"The worst thing was that I felt so powerless, they were hitting me with electric cables and I had no way to fight back." Traditionally, women get their revenge for the whipping by chucking cold water over the men. But sometimes the women end up getting the cold shower as well as the whipping. "I look forward to it every year," says Daniela Furthnerova. "Young women wait for the special man, the one they like to come and whip them," she says.… continue reading »

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