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MATTER: I recently attended Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon, and in one of the panels about the Fine Print Crew (those on the inside cover of a comic book), letterer Ariana Maher described her relationship with her colorist as deeply interconnected.

Chris, would you say that’s true for you and, if so or if not, why? Everyone is playing off each other, but I'm not sure I would say I'm more deeply connected to the letterer over the artist in general, to be honest, or not more so than anyone else involved anyway, but there are definitely moments when I've felt a nice syncing of the two.

BRITTANY MATTER: ICE CREAM MAN is a series of one-shot tales with at least one consistent character, the Ice Cream Man, who’s on the periphery of each issue.

W., what inspired you to tell disparate stories with this particular character as a sort of unreliable narrator? MAXWELL PRINCE: The stories came first, and the Ice Cream Man kind of ambled his way in after.

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As for creating the characters in each issue, I have much more freedom! The rest have maybe just one detail and then we start working on some sketches to define everyone's look.

But maybe I've just been spoilt with amazing letterers and really taken it for granted [laughs].

Generally, I don't see the lettering work until a while after I've finished my part, so maybe that remark is more from the letterer's point of view.

MATTER: I’ve seen this book described as “genre-defying” which is intriguing.

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How is it genre-defying, and can you hint at what readers can expect?

As for the primary colors, here’s an actual transcript, verbatim, of a thing I have written down in my notebook: mix simple ideas—loneliness, horror, despair—into something more complex and magical.

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