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Suosittelemme, että kaikki käyttäjät valitsevat chatin Flash-version (tällä hetkellä käytössä).Vain premium-jäsenet voivat nähdä muiden käyttäjien nettikameroita.

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You need certain things enabled on your profile and you need to provide them links to prove not just who you are (especially if you have a stage name) and why you’re “noteworthy” I figured id try and report back the process.Oh and just as an aside, im followed and follow more then my fair share of Verified accounts because yanno all us newsworthy and relevant people know each other and have secret handshakes and stuff.I did hear a rumor the more check marks that follow you and vice versa the better your odds. So in conclusion Twitter doesn’t believe I’m relevant in my field despite over a decade of sex work advocacy for which my peers respect me and or i’m not “newsworthy” even though major media has taken an interest in me.I currently work in the 100% legal business of Erotic Audio. Choosing which links to provide This i had to think about you get 5 links.

I make and sell erotic hypnosis Mp3s and i’m popular in my field and a top seller. I decided to turn in 2 major publications that wrote about and interviewed me.Twitter allowed us to connect in a real way, to support each other, share information and ideas.

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