Thailand dating rituals

18-Dec-2017 12:30

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Thailand is one of the most fascinating countries to visit on earth.Culturally there are many practices and beliefs that are very different to those from Western societies.Thais of very high social status, such as monks, are not expected to return the Wai. Even white lies, which are generally more acceptable in Western culture, are taboo.

You shouldn’t slide books or documents across a table top nor place them on the ground. • Most of Thailand’s attractions are of cultural significance.

Thai people are easy-going, and foreigners are quickly forgiven for minor mistakes in etiquette.

However, to avoid embarrassing anyone, or causing anyone to lose face, you should have a general idea of what is expected when meeting someone for the first time.

Stepping over food on the ground is another extremely rude gesture and will surely embarrass your Thai host.

• Throughout all of Thailand, if you notice a pile of shoes at or near an entrance to a home, shop or guesthouse, you should remove your shoes before entry; it is considered rude not to do so.Avoid doing anything that may cause you or your Thai friends to lose face. Respect must be given to those of higher social status, and to elders.

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