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(66) And we gave him this command; because the utmost remnant of those of imposture; (81) and we produced our signs unto them, but they retired afar off from the same.

(82) And they hewed houses out of the mountains to secure themselves.

(2) These verses are closely connected with others treating of the adversaries and persecutions of Muhammad, which circumstance points to a later date; and (3) The style of this passage differs from that of the earlier chapters, besides certain phrases and expressions, [Editor: Arabic word - please see p.

13 of the facsimile PDF] and [Editor: Arabic word - please see p.

(14) If we should open a gate in the heaven above them, and they should ascend thereto all the day long, (15) they should rather say, Our eyes are only dazzled; or rather, we are a people deluded by enchantments.

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This would fix the date of the chapter very near the Hijra; with which the spirit of the Prophet’s teaching here very well agrees. In it the infidels are warned by the example of those who rejected the former prophets, and they are threatened with the direst punishment of hell, where they shall be ever dying without being permitted to die.

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